Surgical Periodontal Therapy Houston

Gum diseases occur without showing any prominent symptoms or signs and therefore
the detection of many periodontal diseases in their early stages becomes difficult.
If detected on time, periodontal diseases can be treated with non-surgical
therapies. But sometimes these therapies are just not enough to make gums
perfectly healthy. In such cases, surgical periodontal therapy is recommended to
save from further bone loss, which can lead to tooth mobility and loss.

When bone loss occurs as a result of periodontal disease and has reached certain extent the dental instruments can no longer function properly deep down around the root and therefore the need of surgical periodontal therapy arises. If not treated in time, the bacteria can severely damage the bone to which the tooth is attached. The surgery is not actually a very complicated process and can be completed in a single visit, at our office in Houston, Tx, though the use of local anaesthesia is required to perform the surgery.

Periodontal surgery in Houston can completely eliminate the tough deposits of bacteria formed over the time at the root of teeth. Only an experienced dentist can
decide whether the patient needs to undergo surgery or not. At Dental
Designers office, in Houston Tx, we have a specialised team of periodontists who
can provide you with the appropriate expertise so that your tooth can be saved perfectly.

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