Tooth Extractions, Houston

Sometimes the only way to cure an ailing tooth is to remove it completely. An extraction is recommended only when either the tooth has been damaged permanently or is wrongly placed causing discomfort.

At our office in Houston, Some of the most common factors that lead to extraction of tooth can be listed as –

  • Certain excessive teeth that are blocking the growth of others have to be removed.
  • When tooth decay reaches the root, damaging it beyond recovery, removal is required to prevent further damage.
  • To make teeth structure suitable for installation of braces.
  • In some cases dentures entail removal of teeth that may hamper the treatment.
  • Teeth erupted in the fracture line.
  • Before receiving radiation to head and neck, some teeth might need removal.

Sometimes people have apprehensions when it comes to Tooth Extraction in Houston, especially the healthy ones. At Dental Designers' office in Houston, we understand your reservations and that is why we ensure that you have full knowledge about the whole extraction procedure right from the reason of doing it, its pros and cons, how it will affect your face structure or speech pattern and how to take care of your teeth after the procedure is complete.

Only when you are fully satisfied and feel comfortable enough to go through the procedure will we go ahead and do it in the most caring and cohesive manner possible.

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