Family Dentistry

Dental Designers is not just about treating dental ailments, it is about giving our patients a smile of complete satisfaction. By complete we mean providing a wide range of dental solutions to each member of your family and facilitating an atmosphere, where you can relax and feel comfortable all the time.

We realise that people of different age groups have different needs. That is why we are a family oriented dental clinic which offers separate treatment plans for each individual in your family. Kids can be hard to deal with as they do not always understand the importance of dental hygiene and hesitate visiting the dentist. Our team of professionals is well aware of this fact and knows how to make dental visits healthy and fun filled for kids.

Upon visiting us, your teeth will discuss your dental concerns, such as sensitive teeth, cosmetic goals etc, and your mouth will be checked for signs of periodontal or gum diseases and accumulation of plaque, which are the leading causes of most dental ailments. With the help of an X-ray of your mouth, the dentist will be able to detect and prevent diseases. The doctor will also give you essential tips on how you can keep your mouth healthy everyday.

Apart from these services, tooth extractions, teeth cleaning, hygiene services, fillings, root canal treatments and non- surgical gum therapy are all offered within a family environment.

Book an appointment at our practice in Houston, Texas and help us in giving you and your family a refreshing and healthy smile.



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